Service Rates

Labor Rates

  • General Labor (bottom sanding, prep & bottom painting, etc.) $65/HR
  • Skilled Tech Rate (fiberglass, carpentry, electrical, paint, etc.) $125/HR
  • Diesel/Gas/AC Tech (engine, generators, hydraulics, etc.) $130/HR
  • Diesel/Gas/AC Techs (2nd man) $95/HR
  • Black Water (sanitation systems) $165/HR
  • Rigging/Welding-$165/HR
  • Travel Time-$85/HR

All labor is calculated in 1/2 hour increments and is based on skill level, certifications, training accomplishments and tenure, as well as job requirements that will determine which individuals will be assigned to each job.  We will make every attempt to fulfill requests for specific technicians but reserve the right to make all work assignments without personnel.  Over-time as requested by the customer or required by the job is charges at 1 1/2 times of applicable labor rate.  Weekend and holiday service is charged at overtime rate with a 3 hour minimum.

Lift Charges

  • Forklift (charged in 1/2 HR. increments) $90/HALF HR
  • Forklift To/From Truck/Trailer-$250
  • Forklift Haul, Block, & Launch Up To 30′-$150
  • Forklift Haul, Block, & Launch Over 30′-$250
  • Haul, Block & Launch Up To 49′-$11/FT
  • Haul, Block & Launch 50′ & Over-$13/FT
  • Survey Haul-(2 belts, 2 HR)-$300, Additional Hours $250/HR
  • Survey Haul (4 belts, 2 HR)- $350, Additional Hours $250/HR
  • Emergency Haul (additional fee for non-scheduled haul) $400
  • Travel Lift To Load Or Unload From Trailer/Transport (one hour minimum) $350/HR

Diver for blocking strap placement or chine blocks may be required and will be subject to additional charges.

Vessel Prep

  • Check Lines & Fender To Ensure Adequacy & Number-$35/HR
  • Lay & Maintain Protective Materials On Vessel-$40/HR
  • Materials-COST + 10%

These services are offered at a minimal rate to cover our costs in an effort to protect your vessel.  In order to minimize charges related to these items please ensure that your vessel’s bilge is clean sanitation system is cleaned & closed and appropriate quantity and quality of lines and fenders are available upon arrival.

Pressure Washing

  • Vessels Up To 49′-$2.75/FT
  • Vessels 50′ & Over-$3.75/FT

Rate does not include and hand scraping of barnacles or extended growth, which, if required, will be billed at time and material.

Outside Service Providers & Subs

All outside service providers and subcontractors must be approved by MBY and have proof of liability and workers compensation insurance prior to working on the property.  All service providers must contact through MBY office if working on property.  A markup of 18% will apply on all outside service providers invoices and billed on MBY invoices.

Recycling Waste Disposal

  • Used Oil-$1.50/GAL
  • Used Antifreeze-$1.50/GAL
  • Oil/Fuel Filters & Oil Sorbs-$1.50/EACH
  • Misc. Items (such as pump switches)-COST + 10%

MBY recycles many items for our customers at no charge.  Detailed recycling and waste disposal information is available from staff.  Improper disposal of waste or hazardous material is a VERY serious matter and will result in fines and assessments to the owner * potential termination of service.  Please refer to MBY environmental policy.

Pump Out Service

Pump out service is available through the city of Marathon’s mobile boat once a week at a nominal fee, please see staff for assistance.  Any vessels entering the yard are subject to inspection to ensure compliance with no discharge laws.  Please refer to MBY environmental policy.

Taxes & Surcharges

All prices are subject to the 6% Florida sales tax plus 1.5% Monroe County tax, a 1.5% environmental surcharge, and a 1.75% liability premium.  (The environmental surcharge offsets costs directly associated with the requirements necessary to operate and maintain an environmentally responsible facility.)